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Use the Tabs: There are over 500 Thermomix recipes on this site, grouped into categories represented by the tab menu above (Baby, Breads …) Some recipes may be found under more than one category; for example “gluten-free sweets”. Also, some categories are further divided into sub-categories to help you find what you want.  A special note regarding the Varoma tab, for those of you unfamiliar to the Thermomix this tab refers to steaming dishes that use the steaming attachment referred to as the Varoma.

Use the Search: The search tool (in the right-hand column of every page) can also help you track down a particular recipe. You can enter any text you like, such as your favourite ingredients, and any recipes containing those words will be displayed. You can also restrict your search to particular categories or subcategories.

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Acknowledgement: I do not claim any of these recipes as my own, unless I actually state recipe by Steph Berg.  Recipes on this website have been collected from a variety of sources some known and some unknown.  Where possible, I’ll acknowledge the original author or source of recipes as this information becomes available. It is not my intention to not give credit where credit is due.  Should you come across a recipe that belongs to you please contact me and I will add you as the Author.  I would love to give a special mention to Tenina, Thermomixer and Brazen as well as Forum Thermomix for sharing their passion for the thermomix with the most amazing recipes!

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