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Mexican Dinner Rolls

Recipe by Lolis Castilleja


300 g water

1 Sachet dry yeast

500g Bakers Flour

50g Butter (room temperature)

Salt to taste


150 g Cream cheese


Place all ingredients into TM bowl (except for the filling) in the above order and mix for

6 seconds on speed 7 to combine, scrape down with spatula and mix for 4 seconds on

speed 7

Set dial to close lid position.

Knead dough for 2 minutes on Interval speed

Set aside in a warm place until it has risen to double size.

Cut cream cheese into 12 squares. Set aside

Using Thermomat or on a floured bench flatten with hands to 1 cm thickness, cut in 12


Carefully stretch the dough, place a piece of cream cheese and roll again making sure

cheese is fully covered by dough.

Place on lined tray and bake in cold oven for 17 min at 220°C or until slightly golden.

General Tips

Ideal when serving soup

Leave the cheese out and cut with hands for a rustic look, great for dips

Combine cream cheese with chilli flakes for a “hot” roll

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