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Cream of garden peas

From UK Thermomix

This adult puree is delicious and very fast. Make it just before you sit down at the table so it keeps its lovely bright colour. Also suitable for babies.No Image Available

30 g parmesan cheese
50 g butter
3 shallots or 2 very small onions, peeled
2 cloves of garlic
250 g freshly podded peas or frozen petite pois
300 ml vegetable stock
30 g milk
Salt and pepper to taste


Grate parmesan by dropping it onto the running blades at speed 8. Tip out and set aside.

Chop shallots or onions, garlic and butter for 10 seconds at speed 5.

Scape down the side of the TM bowl with the spatula

Saute for 3 minutes at 100º at speed 1

Add peas and stock. Cook for 7 minutes at 100º at speed 5.

Puree for 20 seconds on speed 9 three or four times, scraping down the sides and lid of the TM bowl after each 20 seconds.

Add milk and parmesan. Puree for 20 seconds on speed 9

Add extra water or stock if needed to thin the puree.

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