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Fish and vegetables

From UK Thermomix

This makes a slightly lumpy puree for an older baby or adult. If you would like it to have a smoother texture, puree at speed 9 instead of speed 7 in step 6.


20 g brown rice

100 g carrot

50 g potato

50 g sole fillet, skin and bones removed

400 g water

20 g brown rice

1 tsp olive oil


Weight rice into the TM bowl. Put a paper towel over the hole in the TM lid and press the measuring cup into the place of it. Grind the rice for 1 minute on speed 9 then discard the paper towel.

Wash and peel the vegetables, cut them into chunks and put in the TM bowl with the fish. Chop for 5 seconds on speed 7.

Scrape down the sides of the TM bowl with the spatula.

Add the water and cook for 10 minutes at 100º on speed 3

Add more water if thinning is needed.

Mix for 10 seconds on speed 7.

Pour out the puree, add the olive oil and leave to cool before serving.


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