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Cream of Asparagus Soup

Recipe by Thermomixer

This soup is based on a Gabriel Gate recipe from “French Cooking for Australians”. It has been adapted for the Thermomix. It is good to be able to use the woody stalks, and even the peelings, to add flavour to the stock while steaming the main stalks and tips.

The Thermomix manages to puree the soup very well and the result is very smooth and creamy. It is delicious both hot and cold.


4 bunches fresh asparagus

1 litre vegetable or chicken stock

1/2 cup cream

Salt and pepper to taste

Parsley, chopped for garnish

Peel the asparagus stalks (starting from just below the tip and going towards the base) and break off the hard part from the base of the stalks.

Keep the woody sections and chop into 2cm sections. Wash the asparagus in cold water. Chop into pieces to go into the TMX basket. Preferably stand the pieces with the tips up if you wish to use them for garnish.

Place the woody stems and stock into the TMX bowl. Place the basket in the TMX and cook for 20 minutes at 100°C on reverse + speed 1. Remove the basket with the asparagus and take out the pieces. Cool in iced water. Take the asparagus infused stock and strain, using the basket, into a bowl.

If you wish to use the tips for decoration, cut from the stalks and place in the Varoma. Place remaining asparagus stems into the TMX bowl. Purée for 40 seconds on speed 9, scraping down the sides as needed. Add the stock and cream, position the Varoma on top and cook for 3 minutes at 80°C on speed 1. Remove the Varoma, season the soup with salt and pepper to taste and serve.

May be served hot or cold. Use asparagus tips to decorate as desired.

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  1. avatar Julie Says:

    Hi Steph

    Forgive me for my lack of knowledge but can i ask why the stalks are steamed rather than just being cooked in the stock – since they are going to be pureed anyway? There must be a reason and I would like to understand. Thank you


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