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Orange Ice Cream Bomb

Recipe byNatalee Mahoney


1 litre of Traditional Vanilla ice cream from Everyday cookbook

6 large oranges or 12 small oranges

Finely grated orange rind from 1 orange

180ml of orange juice concentrate well chillled

Orange leaves for garnish

Orange food colouring if required (few drops)


Peel off outer skin from one orange with a potato peeler place in TM bowl mill speed 9 for 20 seconds until fine.

If you have small oranges cut top third from each orange if large cut in half and carefully scoop out flesh using a knife and spoon reserve orange flesh for orange juice concentrate.

Place 180ml orange pulp and juice in TM bowl and pulverise speed 10 for 30 seconds to make orange concentrate. Use left over for juice.

Remove icecream from freezer and allow t soften slightly

Place icecream into TM bowl add all other ingredients and mix speed 8 for 10seconds

Place oranges on a baking tray that will fit in the freezer spoon ice cream mixture into empty orange shells until almost full (the filling will expand when frozen)

Place in freezer for 2 hours then remove and wrap each orange in plastic wrap.

Return to freezer.

Place bombs in Refrigerator 30mins before serving.

The icecream will soften slightly and the orange shells will collect a frosty “bloom”

Serve with orange leaves as garnish if available.


These can also be used at a dinner party add contrieu to the mixture to desired taste

Melted milk or dark chocolate could be drizzled over each orange

Oranges could be cut into a basket shape

Lemons or limes could also be used add sugar to lemon or lime concentrate before adding to iceream

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