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Warm Brown Rice Salad

Recipe by  Janine Babauskis


• 900g Water

• 200g Brown Rice (organic is always better)pre-soaked for 6-10 hours

• 100g Quinoa pre-soaked for 6-10 hours

• 500-800g Mixed Vegetables, cubed pumpkin, broccolini and sugar peas or any other of your choice

• Bean Shoots – quantity depends on number of serves

• Carrot – quantity depends on number of serves 1 – 3

• Celery – two sticks cut into small pieces

• 100 to 200g of baby spinach

• 3 spring onions chopped

• Juice 1 to 2 Lemons

• Pepper to taste

• Parsley, coriander, dill – 1 bunch of each or other herbs of your choice

• Tamari

• Olive Oil to taste

• Nuts of your choice – unsalted dry roasted cashews, almonds


Add nuts to the TM Bowl and Pulse twice to roughly chop. Put aside in a storage bowl.

Add peeled & roughly chopped carrots into the TM bowl and chop on speed 5 for 3 to 5 seconds or until carrot resembles small pieces (just before grated texture). Empty the carrot into a bowl large enough to mix all of the ingredients in the salad.

Add the steamer basket to the TM Bowl weighing in the rice and quinoa in that order. Remove from TM and rinse with running water.

Place water into TM bowl and insert the steaming basket with the rice and quinoa. Cook for 35 minutes at Varoma temperature, speed 4.

Place the cubed pumpkin or any other hard vegetables of your choice into the Varoma dish and place in position.

Wash and dry the herbs, spinach and bean shoots and add bean shoots, spinach and celery to the bowl with the carrot. Remove the stalks from the herbs and cut them up with scissors in a bowl.

Add broccolini, sugar peas and any other greens to the Varoma for the last five minutes

When cooking time is finished, remove the basket from the TM Bowl and empty into the serving bowl on top of the bean shoots, carrot and baby spinach. The heat will wilt and slightly soften the vegetables, increasing digestion. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper, herbs, Tamari, nuts and sesame oil and with large salad servers toss all of the ingredients together.


You could also steam fish and flake it while it is still warm to add some animal protein. If you wanted to use a healthy canned version, the Alaskan red salmon is the best.

You could eliminate the Tamari and add cubed goats cheese.

Another variation which I really like is lots of TM grated zucchini and roughly chopped hazelnuts, dressed with oil, Tamari, salt and pepper. (Nothing else in the salad). This is a good accompaniment to other food, whereas the other versions could be used as a complete meal.


  1. avatar juz Says:

    not sure if you knew about this website… pretty good! xjas

  2. avatar Frogdancer Says:

    Thanks Steph. I was looking for a link to this recipe. I make it all the time after seeing Janine do it at multiple cooking classes but I wanted to link to the recipe for my readers. Tonight we’re having this with fresh salmon steamed in the varoma as part of a 21st gathering for my son. Impressive looking dish that couldn’t be easier!

  3. avatar Skinflint Sunday: host your own 21st | Dancing With Frogs Says:

    [...] Warm brown rice salad with salmon and goats cheese. I use the basic recipe from the EDC but steam the salmon in the varoma for 17 minutes or so, then flake it into the salad with a fork. I make a dill mayo to go with it. I’ll also crumble feta and walnut pieces through, with various raw and steamed veggies. Adding things like sliced raw celery, raw carrot chopped in the thermomix for 3 seconds, seeds, the cheese and nuts and whatever else you feel like adding really bulks it up and you can feed an army. That’s what I’ll be doing at our cooking class in Mt Waverley tomorrow. [...]

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