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Finnish Easter Bread

Finnish Easter Bread

Finish Easter Bread

Recipe by UK Thermomix

A sweet yeast bread especially for Easter which is delicious warm, cool or toasted. The Finns eat it with meats or cheeses or just buttered. Makes 1 large loaf.

• 110 g sugar

• 1 tsp cardamom seeds

• 1 lemon, thinly peeled strips of zest only

• 1 large orange, thinly peeled strips of zest only

• 460 g strong white flour, divided 140 g and 320 g

• 180 g evaporated milk

• 60g water

• 40 g fresh yeast or 3 tsp (= 2 sachets) instant yeast

• 130g rye flour

• 3 egg yolks

• 110g very soft butter

• ¾ tsp salt

• 50g milk

• 80g sultanas or raisins

• 50g slivered or flaked almonds

Dough Rising

Dough Rising

1. Grind sugar, cardamom seeds and citrus peelings 20 seconds /  Speed 10. Pour out into a dish and set aside for later.

2. Mix the 140g strong white flour, evaporated milk, water and yeast 20 seconds/37°C/Speed 4 until smooth. Set TM bowl aside for the mix to rise in a warm place untildoubled, about ½ to 1 hour.

3. Add cardamom sugar mixtureand remaining ingredients to risen mixture in TM bowl. Mix 30seconds / Speed 3.

4. Knead 3 minutes on Interval Setting.

Turn into a greased bowl, tum dough greased side up, cover thebowl and leave to rise until doubledin size. This is a heavy mixture because of the fruit and nuts, so it will take longer to rise than most breads.

5. Punch down, shape into a smooth ball, and place into a large greased straight-sided enamel pail or ovenproof metal pot or cake tin.

Leave to rise until doubled or it comes to the top, whichever is first.

Bake 50 minutes to 1 hour at 180°C without fan

6. Brush with melted butter as soon as you take it out of the oven. Cool in the pail 20 minutes before turning out to finish cooling on a rack.

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