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Yoghurt and Yoghurt Cheese from Valerie the Canadian Foodie

This recipe is much talked about and widely used due to the sensational results you can achieve.  The recipe is below but here is a link to Valerie’s video on making which most find very useful.


Place 2 litres of milk into TM bowl and cook for 20min 80deg speed 2-3.

Cool milk to 37deg. This can take a while. It cools much quicker if poured  into another jug and then back into TM bowl every 30mins or so to test the temperature. There are lots of variables for how long this step will take.  Don’t allow the temperature to fall below 37deg.

Once milk has cooled add 1/4 cup yoghurt to milk. The yoghurt must be a plain, pot set style yoghurt. Mix yoghurt in to milk.

Cook for 20min 37deg speed 2-3.

Pour into thermoserver (fits perfectly) and leave for 5 hours. You now have your yoghurt ready for the fridge. 

In order to make the yoghurt cheese. Transfer the yoghurt to a cloth lined varoma tray and allow to hang there for an additional 5 hours.  You may want to turn the yoghurt after 3 hours.  (Watch the video.. it really helps!!)


Make sure you take 1/4 cup yoghurt into a little separate container in the fridge where no one else will find it. Otherwise it will all disappear and you’ll have to buy a whole tub of yoghurt to start over.


  1. avatar A Canadian Foodie Says:

    So happy you found the video and are enjoying the recipe! Yes, it really happens! Have you made the yogurt cheese balls – video 2… they are honestly past sensational. I have sold machines just because people tastes those yogurt cheese balls. Try them! I am adding you to my Thermomix Blog list – and I will check back to see what else you are up to! I cannot find a subscribe by e-mail plug in and don’t get to my rss feeds or readers in a timely fashion – so will Just do the best I can to check back now and then!

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    Thanks for visiting me! I thought your video clips were so helpful and will put a lot of people’s concerns and questions to rest.
    I have had success with the yoghurt and think tomorrow I will give the yoghurt cheese a go!

    Love your work! Steph xo

  3. avatar Emma O'Hare Says:

    Lovely – will definitely try this one this week.
    About how long does the yoghurt last in the fridge?

  4. avatar Steph Says:

    This yogurt should have the same life expectancy as most natural yogurts… I find it is generally gone in 3 days of making it lol… but I have had a batch in the fridge for a couple of weeks and have had no issues

    You could play with this recipe a lot.. you may want to reserve some yogurt how it sets in the thermoserver… otherwise you can line the varoma with a tea towel or muslin like Valerie demonstrates and pour the whol lot or half on and make avery thick creamy consistency when the whey drains through…


  5. avatar Glenys Richardson Says:

    Hi Valerie,

    Are you able to use skim milk instead of full cream milk for this recipe.



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