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Dylan’s Thermomix Banana Ice Cream

Great healthy treat for after school, just using frozen banana’s!! I keep a zip lock bag of chopped up ripe banana’s in the freezer (skins removed) so this dessert is always ready to go. A combination of frozen banana’s and strawberries is also stunning with a beautiful pink colour. Grate some chocolate or nuts in the bowl and then add the banana’s for a choc banana delight. I love the versatility of the Thermomix – another great benefit and Dylan can make his own creations!!! Depending on the number of pieces of banana in the bowl whip on speed 8 or 9 (30 sec – 1min) until you have a creamy consistency resembling soft serve! You can easily add yogurt/honey/milk and blend into a creamy smoothie.


  1. avatar Berni and John Keough Says:

    That’s fantastic!!! Great idea :-)

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    Thanks Berni and John for visiting! Stay tuned for more culinary adventures with Dylan.

  3. avatar A Canadian Foodie Says:

    I think I’m in love! This kid is a show stopper! Absolutely brilliant! Would have rather seen berries or nuts added tot he ice cream so that the nutritious theme continued. :)

  4. avatar Steph Says:

    Valerie, you seem to be under the impression we have some influence on Dylan’s creative direction lol! Please note in the far background the Varoma dish straining your gorgeous yoghurt cheese recipe!!

  5. avatar Hayley Bangham Says:

    My favorite yet, so simple and healthy and my kids LOVE it. Thankyou

  6. avatar sarahbelle Says:

    Made this tonight for the kids. They absolutely loved it. So easy and so tasty!
    My kids are so inspired by Dylan, we are slowly making all of his recipes.
    Thank you Dylan, we look forward to more! x

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