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Zen and the art of Meringue Making

I am often asked questions regarding Meringue in the Thermomix.  I decided to tape this short video to share tips for successful meringue making.  I will outline below but suggest you watch the video.

Add 200 grams raw sugar to TM bowl and mill on Speed 9 for 20 seconds

Remove icing sugar from bowl, clean and dry bowl very well

Insert Butterfly and Add 4 egg whites (room temperature) and a pinch of cream of tartar

50deg 3 – 5 minutes speed 4 until firm, start checking after 3 minutes

Then set 50deg 2-4 minutes SPEED 2 ( no higher)

Place icing sugar little at a time on to lid and push into hole SLOWLY until all sugar incorporated

Be patient meringues will work if you do this slowly.

Remove Butterfly and shape meringues on to baking mat

Place in 150deg oven and turn down to 120deg

Bake small – medium meringues for 20-25 minutes

Large for 45 to 1hr (Pavlova)

Turn oven off and leave door ajar

Once cooled remove from oven and serve with whipped cream and fruit

Store in an Airtight container

I hope you find this information helpful!


  1. avatar Judy Says:

    Hi Steph, after seeing this video and having failed with meringue in the TMX in the past, I decided to have another go. I’m afraid I did not get the same results as you in any shape or form, it was as runny as thin cream, never looked like thickening up. If I hadn’t seen yours with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believe it was possible so congratulations to your on your success. Back to the old mixmaster for me in future with meringue.

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Judy,

    Many thanks for your contact, I’m so sorry to hear this, the plan with the video was for it to actually help. Did your egg whites firm up before adding the sugar? My key tips are: room temp eggs, very clean dry bowl use icing sugar instead of caster sugar and add very slowly on speed 2 and take 2minutes plus to add it all.

    The fact that you say it was runny makes me suspect that the whites were not as firm as they could be??? Generally while adding the sugar through the hole I can see what’s happening with the mix and I add very slowly to start as you don’t want to knock the air out of the eggs…. I hope to hear a report of success soon.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you find some of the other recipes helpful on my site. Steph xo

  3. avatar Sarah Says:

    Hi Steph,
    Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve had mixed success with my meringues but after watching your video and following your instructions carefully, I’m happy to report success at last! Your website looks very helpful and it’s now going to be my first “port of call” for Thermomix recipes in future.
    Thanks again,

  4. avatar Kari Anne Says:


    Thanks for the how to for making meringues on TM. I’m really looking forward to trying it out. I have found that putting a folded sheet of kitchen paper between the lid and the MC when grinding sugar and spices is a a good idea.

    A big thanks from me too!

    Kari Anne

  5. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Kari Anne, Thanks for your post. Thanks for the tip about using paper towel in the lid. I have to say I love seeing the sugar dustcome out.. it just amazes me all the time how advanced the Thermomix is. Looking forward to hearing about your meringues!
    Enjoy! Steph xox

  6. avatar Judy Says:

    Hi Steph, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I followed your recipe but no, the egg whites had not stiffened after the intial beating time (plus some) but I went ahead and added the icing sugar slowly anyway. I was attempting to make a meringue roll and I ended up pouring it into the tin & baking it just to see what would happen. It surprisingly did rise but was nothing like a meringue – looked a bit like a wet sponge!!! I see Sarah had success so it must just be me.

  7. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Judy, it’s odd that you couldn’t even get the eggs to stiffen, I would say you have no hope at all when adding the sugar if the eggs aren’t stiff. This is usually when most problems arise. will keep road testing to try and make it more “fool proof”.
    Steph xoxo

  8. avatar A Canadian Foodie Says:

    The video is very helpful, but it is not easy to do this in the Thermomix…however, as Steph has shown in this very helpful video – it is possible. I, too, shall forge ahead.
    Thanks so much, Stephanie – and love your music choice!
    (PS – i am not nit picky, but do see these, as you do, and there was one little part where you did temp then time… I am glad it worked for you… because I often find if I don’t do time, temp then speed, my temp will not kick in???)

  9. avatar SA Sharon Says:

    Hi Steph, as a fellow Consultant I’ve found that a big part of ensuring success everytime for everyone – is to have a VERY clean bowl and butterfly.
    Before starting, clean the TM bowl with boiling water, give it a whirl & dry well. Ensure your butterfly is always ready & clean by putting it through the dishwasher after each use (or put vinegar and boiling water into the TM Bowl with the butterfly and give it a whirl.
    Pav, meringue and souffle always work out as there is no chance of residual grease/oil contaminating the egg whites. xxS

  10. avatar Marie Says:

    Well, I now get to add meringue to my repetoire! My first attempt (ever) in the tmx was a little disappointing but my second batch (ever) has turned out beautifully! Yesterday I made cookies then meringue – big mistake. Thanks Sharon for the clean bowl tip! With a sparkling clean bowl they are perfect!
    So it’s meringue, then cookies!
    Thanks ladies for your great advice….

  11. avatar Melinda Says:

    Everything looked okay until now!! They have been cooking and feel very rubbery on the outside instead if crisp.. any ideas where I may have gone wrong??

  12. avatar whitelily Says:

    Made pavlova yesterday with success thanks to Sharon’s idea to clean TM bowl/butterfly with vinegar/boiling water first. Put 3/4 T cocoa in mixture also. When finished baking, did not rise/spread like my old recipe so seemed smaller. Whipped cream in TM and spread over pavlova with grated white/dark chocolate and served with TM’s berry coulis. Received rousing praise from the diners. Hubby like consistency better than high and fluffy pavlovas – said it was gorgeous.

  13. avatar Steph Says:

    Sorry Melinda, I’m not sure what would cause this…. did you let them dry out completely in the oven? I find I don’t get the desired result if i remove them from the oven before they are fully cooled.

    Steph xo

  14. avatar Lil Says:

    Hi Steph,

    The meringues turned out beautifully, thanks for the video and tips, I had been deferring making them for ages but now have no hesitations in promoting your recipe to all.. Cheers, Lil

  15. avatar Steph Says:

    That’s great news Lil I do find it always works as long as I have a super clean bowl…

    Hope you are well xoxo

  16. avatar Gin Says:

    Hi Steph,
    Just attempted meringues in thermomix.

    Woo hoo what a success. Followed your recipe step by step!!
    Fabulous – love them
    Thankyou Gin

  17. avatar Lil Says:

    Hi Steph,

    Another success tonight a pav for the footy!!! In the oven!! Yehaa it worked!


  18. avatar Melissa Says:

    Hi Steph – have made a few pavs since having the TM and they haven’t been quite right. Someone told me today to check out your video – i have and am going to try this one for Chrissy day. I have a couple of questions first if that is OK – if i want to use 6 or 8 egg whites – a) will they fit? b) do i just half again/double the sugar as necessary? Given I have a few people coming I just wanted to make one big pav! Hope you can help. Thanks. Melissa

  19. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for your query.

    I’m quite cautious with Pav making in the thermie.. I have the 4 egg one down to a fine art and get a perfect result every time now. I’m more likely to do 2 lots of 4 to get the result i’m after then try and vary it.

    I’m not confident there is enough room in the bowl to aerate appropriately 6 or 8 egg white batch. Not helpful I know. Have a fab chrissie.. so many yummies to make with the help of the thermomix!!


    There are some things the thermie does very well and then

  20. avatar Melissa Says:

    Thanks Steph – let’s see what happens – I have done two lots of 4 egg whites and put them together on one plate!

    What are your thoughts on cooking time? Double? or half again?

    Merry Christmas.


  21. avatar Another Melissa Says:

    Hey my first attempt at making a pavlova…ever… And I did it in the oven with success, following these instructions. It is cooling in the oven as I type, ready for tomorrow! Many thanks for the great instructions.

  22. avatar Michelle Radice Says:

    Wow those meringues turned out really well! Nd trust me, I am definitely no gourmet chef! So happy it worked! Everyone should give it go, it is foolproof!

  23. avatar Markus Says:

    Hi Steph

    150deg oven setting; is that °C or °F

  24. avatar Steph Says:
  25. avatar Maria Says:

    just a reminder, use the freshest egg whites for pavs too – love your work Steph as always xx

  26. avatar Elena Says:

    Thanks a lot, It works for me! My meringue turned very nice, delicious!!

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