June is “Submit a Thermomix Recipe” Month - Thermomix Recipes from Steph

June is “Submit a Thermomix Recipe” Month

June Competition

What a ride it’s been! This website has been active just over a month and I’ve enjoyed seeing the news travel! I’m so thrilled to receive your encouraging emails and comments, and even my gorgeous 6-year-old is so keen to contribute.

I thought it only fitting to encourage all my lovely visitors to contribute their own personal experiences with the Thermomix. A fun way to do this is to invite you to submit your own original Thermomix recipe or recipes. I’ll upload every recipe submitted for all to share, and acknowledge each author on this website.

Australian residents who submit recipes during June will enter a draw to win a special prize (No it’s not a Thermomix! Something Thermomix related though I promise!) The more recipes you submit the more chances you have in the draw. Overseas residents are welcome to submit recipes too, but unfortunately will not be eligible for the prize.

Recipes need to be submitted to me in electronic format with clear Thermomix instructions via email or the Contact Form on this site. I hope you take the challenge.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to use the Comments Form below.


  1. avatar Teresa Says:

    This sounds fun. I’ll have a look through my recipes and send one to you. Teresa

  2. avatar Lisa Says:

    Hi Steph,
    I have just sent my choc nut log I make through to you. My family loves it and I often get asked to bring it to family gatherings. It’s quci and easy in the Thermomix.
    Cheers Lisa

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