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Cranberry and Orange Bread

Recipe by Mr Spock from the Thermomix Forum

Ingredients and Method

200g Water

1 packet Baker’s yeast

400g Baker’s White Flour

50g Sugar

1/2 tea sp Salt

1 Zest of 1 Orange

125g Dried Cranberries

Grate the peel off of one big orange with a box cheese grater, using coarser blade. Make sure you only grate the orange skin, and not the white part as it is too bitter. Set Aside.

Put the water and yeast in the bowl, and set 2 min / 37° / speed 3.

Add all the other ingredients except the orange and the cranberries. Set 2 min at Dough/Knead

Add the orange peel and the cranberries, and mix 20 sec / reverse / speed 4.

Form the dough into a roll, and place in a floured pan. Slightly push in cranberries with a knife so they don’t burn when cooking.

Put in oven 30 minutes at 60° C to raise the dough.

Cook in oven 30 minutes at 200° C

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