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Sweet Potato, Lentil and Lemon Soup

Recipe contributed by Maria Stuart, Chef and JGL Victoria. Thanks Maria!

200g French Green Lentils

100g Parmesan- large cubes

50g olive oil or butter

1 clove Garlic, peeled

1 large Leek or 2 small cut into approx 3 cm chunks (cut white piece away from the green end then trim the rough pieces from the top cut down the middle to expose the layers of the green end and wash well and include this in soup)

4 sprigs Thyme

Handful Italian Parsley

2 Carrots, peeled cut into 3

250 g Sweet Potato, peeled cut into large chunks

Few handfuls of baby Spinach or shredded Silverbeet

1.2 litres water

TM Vegetable Stock concentrate Freshly ground black pepper

Juice of one lemon


Place TM Basket into TM Bowl and set scales – weigh lentils remove TM basket and soak lentils in cold water whilst preparing rest of ingredients (lentils can stay in TM Basket as long as they are covered with water – leaving them in basket makes it easier to drain later)

Place parmesan into TM Bowl and set to speed 9 for 5 seconds – remove from TM Bowl and place in small serving dish

Place parsley into TM Bowl – speed 7 for 10 seconds – remove from TM Bowl and set aside

Place carrots and sweet potato into TM Bowl – speed 4 for 7 – 10 seconds till evenly chopped – remove from TM Bowl and set aside

Place garlic into TM Bowl – speed 5 for 5 seconds leave in TM Bowl

Place leek into TM Bowl – Speed 4 for 7 seconds

Add olive oil or butter and set timer to 8 minutes, temperature 100* speed 1 reverse with MC in lid

Add strained lentils, carrots, sweet potato, water, stock concentrate and thyme sprigs to TM Bowl, set timer for 40 minutes, temperature 100* speed 1.5 reverse

Remove lid and using TM Spatula – remove thyme stalks (they should appear when you mix the soup upwards in the TM Bowl)

Add chopped parsley, black pepper to taste and lemon juice – If using shredded silverbeet, add this now. Place lid on TM Bowl and mix speed 1.5 reverse for 10 seconds (if necessary you can cook silverbeet for a few minutes) If using baby spinach leaves, place a small handful into each bowl you are going to serve.

Pour soup onto baby spinach leaves and sprinkle with parmesan.


NOTE: lentils require shorter cooking time if they have longer soaking time prior to cooking

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