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Plum & Apple Jelly

Recipe contributed by Maria Stuart. Chef and JGL Victoria


350g apples

350g plums

1.1 litres water – additional 1.2 litres

800g Sugar (approx)


• Prepare fruit by cutting apples into 1/4’s (leave skin on and core in). Cut plums in half – stones in are fine. Place all fruit into TM Basket

• Place the TM basket into the TM Bowl and add 1.1 litres of water

• Set time to 40 minutes, temperature 100* and speed 4 – MC in place

• When time is up, remove the basket from the TM bowl and discard fruit. (Do not try and extract extra liquid by squashing down fruit in basket – try not to disturb fruit in any way whilst its in the jug)

• Pour liquid into heatproof jug or bowl.

• Measure in 600ml of liquid back into the TM jug and add 400g Sugar

• Mix speed 4 for 30 seconds

• Set timer for 40 minutes, Varoma temperature – speed 3.5. Leave MC out and place steamer basket on top. Place a clean plate into the freezer.

• Mixture should now be at setting point – this can be checked by removing lid from TM bowl and dipping spatula into mixture then dropping some onto plate from freezer. The mix should gel on the plate after a minute or two and be forming a skin.

• Pour into warm sterile jars and seal with lids.

Repeat with remaining liquid that is left over allowing 200g sugar for every 300g of liquid.

To sterilise a jar – dishwasher is fine for really clean jars or they can be immersed in boiling water from the kettle and picked up with tongs to drain upside down till time to use.

Try a savoury jelly – apple mint and rosemary – Substitute ¼ cup white wine vinegar for water and leave the plums out. Put some mint and rosemary in at the start with 700g apples and discard with apples – follow recipe format – then when jelly is finished cooking fresh mint (shredded) and rosemary sprigs can be added in.

Can make quince jelly, crab apple jelly and a variety of other jellies the same way.

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