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Maria’s Quince Paste

Recipe contributed by Maria Stuart, Chef and JGL Victoria


500g Quince (this is approx 2 medium quince)

500g water

Juice of ½ lemon

Raw Sugar (approx 500g)


• Peel Quince and cut off cheeks and sides (discard core and peel)

• Place Quince pieces in TM Bowl and chop on speed 4 for 5 seconds

• Measure in water

• Place lid on TM Bowl, set timer to 20 mins 100* speed 3 – leave MC in.

• When finished, puree on speed 7 for 5 seconds.

• Remove lid and carefully pour into a heatproof bowl – scraping out as much as possible – place TM Bowl back onto base

• Set scales and now pour quince mix back into TM Bowl – make note of weight.

• Tare scales and add the same amount of sugar in as there was quince mix – (you can lessen the sugar a bit – however, by no more than 100g)

• Place lid on TM Bowl and blend on speed 4 for 30 seconds

• Set timer for 40 minutes, varoma temperature, speed 3.5 – MC in lid

• Prepare a suitable dish to pour your paste into when ready – I use a square cake tin 18cm x 18cm – a ceramic baking tray is fine similar dimensions. The smaller the dish the thicker the paste. Line with baking paper – mitre the corners of the paper for a good fit.

• Half way through cooking time, MC can be removed and a piece of paper towel placed over the lid – this helps evaporate more of the liquid.

• When cooking time has finished and you are happy with colour of paste (should be a ruby colour – if you want darker colour – longer cooking time) pour into prepared tin and allow to set at room temp.

• When cool and set, the paste can be cut and wrapped in food grade cello paper and given as gifts or stored in layers (use glad go betweens) in an air tight container in pantry. (use hygiene gloves or sterile utensils only when handling as this is good breeding ground for bacteria)

Variations –

Use plums or pears instead of quinces (add extra lemon juice)

Add ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon at the start


  1. avatar Sally T Says:

    When does the lemon juice get added? With the water?

  2. avatar Sally T Says:

    Mental note: do not attempt to increase the quantity of this recipe as the mixture will boil and spill out all over Thermie!

  3. avatar Valerie Says:

    Thanks for taking us through our first quince paste! It worked absolutely perfectly!

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