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Sourdough Bread – TM

Recipe contributed by Maria Stuart, Chef and JGL Victoria.



50g ‘starter’

220g-230g Rye Flour

480g Water

Mix all ingredients together and leave to rise for 8-9 hours (eg. You could do it overnight).

Sourdough Bread:

500g Flour (you can use 250g of ‘Bavarian Rye’ Flour mixed with 250g Bakers Flour)


470g Bakers Flour mixed with 30g grains (eg. Linseeds, sesame seed, sunflower seeds etc.- milled in the Thermomix)

1 tsp Salt

120g Lukewarm Water

620g Starter


Place all ingredients in the TM bowl and mix for 2-3 seconds on speed 6. Set timer for 3 minutes and mix on interval position, then transfer dough to the form and put aside for approximately 3-4 hours.

Preheat oven to 200 C and bake for 50 minutes.

Notes from Gluten free workshop

½ tsp vinegar for every 250g of flour (acts as a dough enhancer)

Xantham gum – 1 tsp for every 250g of flour – mimics quality of gluten in bread

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