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Apricot Chicken

 Recipe by Judydawn from the Thermomix Forum (converted from a Family Circle cookbook)

1kg chicken thigh fillets – trimmed weight (trimmed of fat & cut into 4-5cm pieces)
1tblspn oil
120g dried apricots cut in half or three if large
400ml can apricot nectar
110 ml liquid chicken stock
Packet of French Onion Soup mix – reduced salt version
S & P to taste
1 tblspn chopped parsley

Heat oil for 3 mins 100o speed 1.  Add chicken pieces and cook 5 mins 100o reverse, soft speed. Mix all the liquids together with the soup mix and add to the TM bowl along with the apricots and cook for 25 minutes on 100o Reverse, speed 1. Add parsley and seasoning to taste. If it not thick enough, use a little cornflour mixed with water.
Nice served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegies.

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