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Chocolate Ganache Cream

Recipe by Gilles Marchal - Converted by Danielle Scott, Thermomix Consultant, VIC from her Gogetters Presentation


For the caramel

30ml Heavy Cream

60gm Castor sugar

Ganache Cream

170gm Dark Chocolate (60% cocoa)

20gm Milk Chocolate (35% to 40% cocoa)

100ml Heavy Cream

150ml Full-cream Milk (organic preferably)

Seasoning and Presentation

Szechuan peppercorns (grounded)

1 Brioche (from your local Laurent Bakery) or make your own


For the caramel

1. Heat cream in TM Bowl on 80°c for 2mins/Speed 2

2. Place sugar in non-stick saucepan, cook dry, stirring occasionally until caramel colour, add heated cream and stir vigorously. Set aside.

For the Ganache

3. Place chocolates into TM Bowl, grate 5sec/Speed 9

4. Add cream and milk, heat for 4mins/60°c/Speed 4, add caramel through top

5. Pour into small Thermoserver bowl and refrigerate. Remove 15mins before serving. Slice your brioche, dollop with ganache, add a pinch of Szechuan pepper and enjoy!

Bon appétit!

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