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Chicken and Basil Risotto


100g Parmesan Cheese cubed

1 onion

1 garlic clove

50g Olive oil

400g Arborio rice or short grain

1150g water

4-5 tsps commercial chicken stock powder (or use homemade stock)

1 chicken breast cooked in butter in frypan.

1 tblspn finely sliced basil

Frozen peas, to your liking.

Place Parmesan into TM bowl, Grate for 10 seconds on speed 9. Transfer to another bowl and set aside.

Place onion and garlic into TM bowl and chop for 3sec on speed 7

Add oil and sauté for 2min at 100 ̊C on speed 1

Add rice, water and stock cook for 16 minutes at 100 ̊C on reverse, speed 1.5

Whilst this is happening you can brown your chicken in your pan with butter until nicely golden. Cut up chicken and place into food warmer with basil and peas. Pour cooked risotto over the top with half to three quarts of the cheese and combine seal for up to 15 mins or until desired consistency is reached.

Yummy hope you like Vicky Cassidy


  1. avatar Jolene Says:

    i felt there was too much liquid? my TM31 boiled over (not completely, bubbled out of the lid opening, spurted a lot once boiling, but just on the lid). maybe 100ml less….not sure. BUT this does taste good!! i added a bit more basil b/c i like the taste of it – just a personal choice really.

  2. avatar Emma Says:

    Ooh this one does sound nice. Hey Jolene – are you putting your rice basket on top of the lid when cooking this? It will stop the liquid splashing everywhere from the opening. So instead of the MC, pop the rice basket on top.

    The recipe sounds about right – when I make risotto I generally use 410g rice and 1100 of water/stock and this is close. So maybe trying the rice basket will help.

  3. avatar Kate Says:

    Hi again, what bit is the food warmer? Is it the top varoma dish? Read through the recipe and again delicious….but all went to pot when i read the food warmer bit? Fantastic recipes!

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