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Dani’s Classic Brioche

Recipe by Danielle Scott, Thermomix VIC Consultant  from her Gogetters Presentation


550gm Plain Flour

30gm Caster Sugar

10gm Salt

8gm Dried Yeast

75gm Milk

5 Eggs (55gm size)

300gm Butter (unsalted)


1. Place flour, sugar salt in TM bowl, Set dial to Closed lid position, press Turbo to pulse/aerate.

2. In separate bowl, dissolve yeast into milk then stir in eggs

3. On Speed 2, pour wet mix through hole, then cubed butter until combined.

4. Set dial to Closed Lid position, set timer for 1 min, press Interval button and let it knead

Note: the dough will be quite soft and sticky so tip out onto a lightly floured Thermomat and form into a ball then place into a lightly greased Thermoserver bowl, cover with a clean damp tea towel and refrigerate overnight.

5. Next morning knock it back, reshape it, place into loaf tin, or alternatively divide into smaller rounds and place in brioche tins. Brush with egg white then let it prove until doubled in size.

Note: Invert plastic cover over brioche to create a humid environment for the dough to rise and also to prevent a crust from forming.

Depending on room temperature this can take up to 2 hours at 25°c.

6. For large brioche bake at 190°c for 30-40mins.

7. Smaller brioche at 200-210°c for 12-15mins.

Bon appétit!


  1. avatar Carine Says:

    Thanks Danielle and Steph for the recipe! I grew up in France and this broche could be sold in any french bakery: buttery and flaky! The only thing I would change is the mixing and kneading time: a few more minutes to get the right strechy dough.

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Carine,

    So pleased you enjoyed Dani’s recipe! This makes the best french toast!! Dani will be so pleased to hear your success with this recipe. Of course Dani is a chef so everything she does is amazing, she;s now a junior group leader in our branch in melbourne so always lucky to be around her!

    Enjoy your Thermomix journey xo

  3. avatar Rita Says:

    Hi Steph,

    Just wanted to double check on the type of flour to use. Tried the recipe with plain flour and it turned out like cake. Shouldn’t it be strong white instead?



  4. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Rita,

    I sue the plain flour and have never had an issue. Is it edible? Unsure what has happened here as this is a favourite recipe of mine! Wkll ask Dani when I see her if she can shed some light.

    Steph xo

  5. avatar Rita Says:

    Hi Steph,

    Yes, it’s still edible but it seems to be a bit dense. For some strange reason, the middle part of the brioche took quite a while to cook through.

    The only difference in the ingredients I used was to use fresh instead of dry yeast. Could it be the problem?



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