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When is a bargain NOT a bargain?

Do you visit eBay? Do you know any other TM owners that are visiting eBay? Can I urge you to get the word out that they are being RIPPED OFF? Lately there has been a huge amount of products advertised on eBay – the same products are readily available at lower prices through a home demo or your consultant! TM Consultants are actually not allowed to sell for profit on eBay, so I am encouraging customers NOT to bid on these items through this format, so as to try and shut these auctions down.

Currently 1 Thermomix Tea Towel is bid up to $20.50 … who would pay $20 for 1 tea towel??? Available from your consultant for $7 no freight if you pick up or $7 from head office plus freight.

Thermoservers … there have been a number I have been watching on eBay – see the amounts they have been going for in the past month $167, $142, $112, $154 … WHAT THE???? This is madness! They are awesome and hard to get hold of outside the demo format, which I guess has pushed the price up. Host a basic demo with 3 households present and you have access to purchase one for only $39! Of course you may purchase a Thermomix and host a demo with 3 guests and the Thermoserver is yours free!!

“My way of Cooking” Cookbook, currently bid up to $172.50 plus $12 postage! I can’t believe it! The retail for this product when in stock is only $60. Please contact your consultant to see if they are carrying stock.

“Full Steam Ahead” Cookbook $25 through a home demo or FREE if a guest purchases at your demo. Currently $61 on eBay but have been going for up to $100 in the past couple of weeks. This book is a must have so call your consultant and book in for a Varoma demo… Have you heard about the new menu????

Until next time,
Steph xo


  1. avatar Joanna Says:

    Well said Steph!

  2. avatar ThermomixBlogger Helene Says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to this issue Steph. By the way, I would also caution against buying the Thermomix used — on Ebay or anywhere else: http://www.superkitchenmachine.com/thermomix-tm31/where-to-buy-thermomix/buy-used-thermomix-ebay


  3. avatar Kathryn Says:
  4. avatar Steph Says:

    Yes Helene, I am with you on used TM’s – I just dont get it! Another Full Steam Ahead – Varoma Cookbook closed lat night on ebay for $160… I actually should just stop looking on ebay, then it won’t frustrate me so much.

  5. avatar Tan Says:

    I agree. I almost bought a couple of books on Ebay, and then realized that I should check what they are actually worth from the online store. I almost fell into the trap.

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