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Chicken & Corn Soup

Recipe by Geena Di Stefano TM Consultant, VIC


1 chicken breast fillet

1 litre of cold water

1 chicken stock cube or tablespoon of vegetable stock concentrate

2 – 3 cans of creamed corn

1 egg

Tamari or soy sauce

Spring onions


Cut the chicken breast into large pieces and place into TM bowl.

Add 1 litre of cold water ensuring you cover the chicken breast.

Cook at 100 degrees for 6 minutes on speed 1.

Remove any scum sitting on the top of the liquid.

Shred the chicken on speed 6 for 4 – 10 seconds.

Add a chicken stock cube or tablespoon of vegetable stock concentrate, splash of tamari or soy sauce and the creamed corn.

Mix at speed 3 for 15 seconds.

Further cook at 100 degrees at speed 2 for 8 to 10 minutes.

In the last 2 minutes add a beaten egg through the lid.

Topping Suggestions

Garnish with chopped spring onions!


  1. avatar Kirl Says:

    Thankyou! This was here just when I needed a quick tea for 2 kids rapidly crashing at the end of a busy day.
    I added some noodles and my 4 yr old daughter loved it so much she ate it for lunch & dinner for a few days, then asked for it the next few nights as well (instead of what was on her plate)!!

  2. avatar Wonderland Says:

    I used the empty can to beat my egg before adding it. Saves dishes.

  3. avatar TJ Says:

    Do you remove the 1 litre of water before shredding? Or are you suppose to shred with the water?

  4. avatar Julie Says:

    Do you shred the chicken while leaving it in the water in which it has been cooked?

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