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Gado Gado

Recipe contributed by : Chris Charge,  VIC Consultant Go Getters NOV 2010


• 300 g brown rice

• 500 g baby spinach leaves

• ½ green cabbage roughly chooped

• 500 g green beans topped and tailed

• bean shoots to garnish

• 500 g chicken fillets chopped into 1cm size

• peanut satay sauce

• boiled eggs


Place rice in Tm bowl and set for 35 minutes on speed 4 Varoma temp.

Place Varoma on Tm bowl and place chopped chicken on tray. After 25 min stir chicken and place cabbage and beans on Varoma dish and continue cooking for the remainder of time.

Once cooked remove rice and place on a large platter. Place the uncooked spinach leaves on top off rice then add the cooked vegies and boiled eggs on top then spread peanut sauce over and garnish with bean shoots.

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  1. avatar Caroline Says:

    Just noticed there is no mention of placing water in the Tm bowl with the rice – how much water do I use?

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