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Thermomix Peanut Satay Sauce

Recipe contributed by : Chris Charge, VIC Consultant – Go Getters presentation NOV 2010

This Satay Sauce is divine!!!  Make it to go with Chris’s Gado Gado – Heavenly!!!!

Ingredients :

1/2 onion

2 cloves Garlic

1 small red chili

2 pieces Tumeric

3 tsp cumin seeds

3 tsp coriander seeds

Juice of 1 lemon

50ml ketjap manis

2 tblsp fish sauce

30 grams palm sugar

1 can 400ml coconut milk

500 gram crunchy peanut butter

Method: Place coriander tumeric and cumin in tm and mill on speed 8 for 2 minutes. Take out and set aside.

place garlic onion and chilli into TM bowl and chop for 8 seconds on speed 7.

Add oil and saute for 2 minutes on 100c speed 1

add all other ingredients and cook on 100c for 5 to 8 minutes speed 3.


  1. avatar Maryon Jeane Says:

    Hi, how much oil do you add? (You just say “add oil”!)

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    It’s just a drizzle of oil, enough to sauté the onions off.
    Cheers, Steph

  3. avatar Nicole Says:

    Hi Steph,

    I have been recommended this recipe so cannot wait to give it a go…
    Just wondered what ketjap manis is?? Im not familiar with it?

  4. avatar Steph Says:

    Well Nicole, Thank you so much for visiting my website ;)

    Ketjap manis is the sweet soy sauce… it’s thicker and sweeter than your normal soy, available at asian stores but I pick it up in woolies and coles… have a look at the labels – you are either looking for sweet soy or the ketjap manis label… The most popular brand is ABC but others are equally as good..

    Look forward to your feedback… tis heavenly xoxo

  5. avatar Emma O'Hare Says:

    Mmm, made this today to use for satay chicken pizzas – it was really good! I halved the recipe and it made heaps. I also made my own peanut butter for the recipe.

  6. avatar Sarah Says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great recipe – i have made this a number of times now!I i start out by putting 500g of roasted unsalted peanuts into Tm bowl and chopping for 2 secs on speed 6 and setting aside. Then you add where you would usually add peanut butter. I tried raw peanuts one day and the result was not as good.

    I also add in a knob each of ginger and galangal, 2 kaffir lime leaves and a stick of lemongrass at the same time as the cumin seeds and it is now on regular rotation at our house :)

  7. avatar Sarah Says:

    And also, I think it is more balanced with the juice of only half a lemon – but maybe I have very juicy lemons!

  8. avatar Samantha Says:

    I love the look of this recipe but am a little confused by pieces of tumeric. I assume this means fresh tumeric and not the powder? IF so, can you please advise as to where I can get some or if powder is ok to use, how much you would recommend for the recipe.

    With thanks,

  9. avatar Steph Says:

    Definitely dried turmeric.. not fresh…

  10. avatar Maryann Taylor Says:

    Great recipe. A little goes a long way. Thanks for sharing

  11. avatar Anna Says:

    Errmahgawd that is sensational. Thank you Steph. Now just to add some chicken to it he he

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