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Steamed Fruit Cake

This recipe contribute by one of my team consultants Nicola Fletcher…  Thanks Nic… Yummy!!

100g Raw Sugar

250g Milk

200g Mix Fruit

15g Butter or Margarine

1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of soda

150g S.R. Flour


Line basket with a pudding cloth or a piece of Calico or Muslin.

Weigh S.R flour into a small bowl.

Place sugar, milk, mix fruit and butter into Thermomix bowl. Cook for 5 minutes at 100 Degrees, Reverse

+ speed 1.

Set back onto cook for 1 minute at 100 degrees, Reverse + speed 1 and add Bicarbonate of soda into the

bowl let it fizz up to close to the top of the bowl.

Set to speed 3 and quickly add the S.R. Flour to blend in, mix for 10 – 15 seconds until combined. Do not

over mix.

Remove the mixture and put it into cloth and wrap tightly at the neck, secure with a cut off from your calico

or a rubber band.

Clean Themomix Bowl and add 650g of water. place basket into Thermomix Bowl and steam for 60

Minutes at 100 degrees at speed 1.

Check water level (do not let the bowl boil dry) and steam for another6 0 Minutes at 100 degrees at speed

1. (total of 2 hours steaming)


I have also tried this recipe with Rice Milk and Nutlex to make a Dairy free version and it is very yummy.

and instead of mix fruit you could use a mix of Currants, Craisins and Sultanas, if you do not like peel or

zest in your cake.


Can be hung for a month or eaten straight away.

Serve by itself or with custard.

The original recipe is from Elaine Wills in Tasmania. which I have converted into a Thermomix Recipe.

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