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Banana Maple Upside-Down Cake

Recipe contributed by Annie Frazier – TM Consultant VIC. Converted from a Bill Granger Recipe.


50g Unsalted Butter +100g unsalted butter extra

55g Brown Sugar

60ml Maple Syrup

3-4 Bananas sliced in half lengthways

230g Caster Sugar

4 Eggs

1 Teaspoon natural Vanilla Extract

160g Plain flour (sifted together with the Baking Powder and Salt))

1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

Pinch of Salt


Pre heat oven to 180deg.

Mill 230g sugar into caster sugar Sp 10 for 10 sec, set aside.

To make Topping place butter, brown sugar and maple syrup in bowl and cook at 70deg for 5mins Sp 2. After 1 min you may need to scrape down sides to incorporate mixture well. Make sure the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is rich and golden. Pour syrup into 23cm greased or non stick spring form cake tin, then arrange the bananas cut side down over the syrup in the tin.

Clean Bowl.

To make the cake mixture, place the extra 100g butter and caster sugar and mix for 25sec on Sp 4. After 20 secs scrape down sides of bowl and then resume for the remaining 5 secs. Mixture should be pale and creamy. Then with the blades rotating on Sp 4 break eggs onto lid one at a time and lift MC to allow eggs to drop into bowl and then add the vanilla and mix for 5sec.

Now to gently add the sifted flour, baking powder and salt, slowly pour through hold in lid while blades are rotating on Sp 3 allow 35secs to do this.

Spoon batter over bananas and caramel and smooth the top with your spatula. Place cake on baking tray to catch any escaping caramel and bake for 35mins or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Then allow to cool for 5 mins. Transfer to a large serving plate.

Delicious with Vanilla Ice Cream.!!


  1. avatar Tarnya Says:

    Steph – I made this last night for everyone at work for morning tea and it was a hit. Making it was quick and simple and it smelt just divine cooking. My comments would be definitely don’t use spring form – some of the caramel leaked from the pan during cooking. Also, I would put the cake mixture into the pan gently as I poured it into the middle and spread out which caused the caramel to the thinner in the centre. Lastly, it was very sweet so next time I’ll probably halve the sugar. The result looked beautiful. Thanks for a sharing a great recipe.

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    Thanks Tarnya,

    I find I do end up lining my springform with baking paper to stop the leaking, you will find it easier to remove from the tin usine a spring form. Happy Thermomixing!

  3. avatar AnnaM Says:

    Hey Steph,
    delicious, but not the most beautiful dessert to look at. Ice cream would cover that up of course!

  4. avatar AnnaM Says:

    further to my previous comment – the lucky recipients of the cake described it as “the best cake they had ever eaten. ever” :-)

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