Dylan’s Monster Mash - Thermomix Recipes from Steph

Dylan’s Monster Mash

Dylan’s latest video demonstrates the heating function of the Thermomix, as he shows us the simple Mashed Potato recipe from the Everyday Cookbook. Ever the professional, Dylan was completely undaunted despite taking a tumble halfway through making this video. He carried on like a trooper! Sadly, this is Dylan’s last video as a 6YO junior masterchef – but we can look forward to even bigger and better productions now he is seven!


  1. avatar Bron Says:

    This is so cute Steph! What a star you have

  2. avatar Davo Says:

    Love the video – go Chef Dylan.

    I wasn’t a fan of the Monster Mash music through the whole thing – made it a bit hard to hear Dylan at times.

  3. avatar Jos Says:

    Wow – what a pro at such a young age. Fab recovery from the slip slide – he is way too cool for school! Just got my thermomagic (early Xmas pressie) and am in awe – cooking up a storm and loving it. Love your website and blog – will sort me out in no time!!!!

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