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Dylan’s Lego Party

So my little man just turned 7 and has been asking for a lego party. Can’t tell you how handy the Thermomix was for getting organised… I made the lego Man cookies and tempered the chocolate for the minifigure and lego brick moulds which turned out better than I expected at 2am the night before his party!!

Anyway.. Have some lovely photo’s which I wish to share… and have in a space I can revisit at a later date, there ar eplenty more just not sure if it’s okay to have other kiddies on my site.


  1. avatar Suzie Says:

    Well done, you have given me some inspiration. Thanks

  2. avatar Emma O'Hare Says:

    Whoa – top effort Steph! It all looks fantastic. I thought the party was at your house (and I thought you were a little mad) but I see it wasn’t – smart move!

    Happy Birthday to Dylan!

  3. avatar Mary Kelly Says:

    Oh my goodness Steph that looks like an awesome party – trouble is I can’t work out what is food and what is lego. I am sure he had a great birthday.’mary

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