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Have you visited the Thermomix Recipe Community?

I am a creature of habit,  having had my Thermie for over 2 years now I do seem to have this repetitive pattern of what comes out of my Thermomix on a daily basis. 

Since mid last year I have made it a priority to try one new Thermomix recipe every week.   There has been the odd missed week and then weeks where I have made 2 or even more new recipes.  I have to say most of my new experiements have been from the Thermomix cookbooks.  I started going through the Full Steam Ahead as I just felt I wasn’t “embracing” my Varoma as much as I should and it worked!!  I have gone from using my Varoma from around 2 times a week to now around 5 times.  I then moved on to the My way of Cooking cookbook.  I guess the attraction with the International release books is the beautiful pictures and more recently I have been using the new Travelling with the Thermomix cookbook.  Of course I have lots of favourite recipes from beautiful creative people on my site but have finally made the time to visit and spend some time on Thermomix Australia’s recipe community. 

Have you been?  If not you must!  http://www.recipecommunity.com.au/ 

I did visit the community a few times when it first opened but didn’t get much further then browsing the recipes but have had a wonderful couple of days trying some gorgeous recipes from the recipe community and already have a folder full of favourites ready for the next time I wish to make them again.

It is truely inspiring to see such a resource building and growing everyday!  Lot’s of customers and consultants uploading recipes with stunning pictures to inspire you and the capacity to save your favourites and print them off easily.  It’s easy to register and navigate around and I know you will be happy with what you’ll find there!

Congratulations to Thermomix Australia in providing such a well thought out resource that all TM enthusiasts can benefit from!

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