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New Lighthouse Flour Videos and Dylan’s review!

Friday night at our house is notoriously known as Pizza and Movie Night, I am constantly surprised by Dylan’s concoction of toppings but just love and enjoy how much he embraces cooking and creating with the aid of our Thermomix.  It’s a far cry from my notoriously fussy eater 3 years ago who would fight veggies and new foods who now wants to try everything that comes out of the Thermomix!  Personally I am over the Star Wars choice in movies but who am I to take the joys of childhood away!

Dylan’s favourite you tube video is the one he made the pizza’s, he often checks how many hits his videos have got if you haven’t seen it, see it here Dylan’s Pizza Video. Recently we discovered the word is definately out about preparing bread and pizza dough in the Thermomix.  Well done to Lighthouse Flour on making some videos to highlight the use of the Thermomix!  Dylan enjoyed watching Louise Fulton Keats  and Lucy Nunes describing how to use the scales to weigh in and promptly asked me when the next TM videos will be uploaded!

Lighthouse Flours website is worth a visit!  They have great recipes and plenty of hints and tips to get the most out of your baking in the kitchen.  Dylan has been looking at the pics of the pizza on their website and informing me we “totally need pictures like that on our site”.  Not sure I can take photos like that but stay tuned! In the mean time I know you will enjoy having a look around on their site, they have a blog and a forum you can register on that’s worth visiting.

Watch their Pizza Dough recipe here: Pizza Dough in the Thermomix

They also have a clip on making:  Seeded Bread in the Thermomix

Great to see more and more demos on the Thermomix popping up on You Tube!  After perusing the Lighthouse flour website recipes.. Dylan announced he wants to make the Satay Chicken Pizza Friday night…   we’ll let you know how it turns out and hopefully add a picture!

Happy Thermomixing xo

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  1. avatar Emma O'Hare Says:

    So there is hope that my fussy children will get better in years to come!

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