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Thai Chicken Skewers

Recipe by Alina0210 from the Thermomix Forum

1 Red Chilli

1 Stalk Lemongrass

1-2 Roots from Coriander

2-3 Garlic cloves


Soy Sauce

2 Red and/or yellow Capsicums diced into 2cm cubes (rough)

Large handful of snow peas (halfed)

500g chicken diced into 2cm cubes

400g rice



Add, garlic, lemon grass, Chilli, coriander roots into the tmx bowl, blitz 5secs speed 8.

Scrape down sides, then add a little oil and saute 100degrees, 1 min, speed 1.

Transfer to another bowl, add a dash of soy sauce and oil… add your diced chicken and leave to marinate.

Clean tmx bowl…

Take toothpicks add a piece of capsicum, piece marinated chicken and then a snow pea… DO for all bits of chicken and place in Varoma. (will need the tray).

Adjust over 1L of water into bowl, wash rice and add into the water. Place Varoma on top.

Cook on Varoma temputature, 16mins on speed 4.

After 16mins take rice out and place in Thermoserver, and cook chicken a little longer if need be.

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