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Almond Bread Biscuits

 Recipe by Marg Rossi VIC Consultant


• 3 egg whites

• 85 gms castor sugar

• 125 gms brown rice flour

• 125grms of natural almonds


Make sure the TM bowl is perfectly clean and fat free before beginning to beat egg whites.

Beat egg whites in TM bowl with butterfly and cap removed.

Beat on speed 4 until the egg whites are stiff.

Slowly add castor sugar while still beating on speed 4. Takes around 2 minutes

Reduce speed to 2-3 and add Brown rice flour and almonds.

Mix for approx 3-4 seconds or until mixture is completely combined.

Tip mixture into a lined log tin and bake for 30-35 minutes in a moderate oven.

Allow to cool.

Wrap almond log and store in frig for 2 days.

Remove wrapping and finely slice almond log.

Place slices onto a baking tray a dry in a cool oven 100°C for at least 20 minutes or until completely dried and crisp.

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