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All-in-One Salmon Tikka Dinner with Steamed Rice and Green Beans

This meal is easy to put together and the steaming produces very tender salmon.


1 litre water

up to 350g basmati rice – 70 g per person

1 tsp sea salt

salmon fillets for 1 to 4 people

1 tsp Tikka paste for each portion of salmon (see note below)

fine green beans, topped and tailed


1. Add water to TM bowl. Insert internal steaming basket.

2. Weigh rice into basket. Add salt on top of rice.

3. Put lid on TM bowl, leaving Measuring Cup off. Rinse the rice 10 seconds/Speed 5.

4. Oil the Varoma lightly before placing the salmon in it, flesh side up. Spread Tikka paste on salmon evenly.

5. Place Varoma on top of TM lid. Put green beans into Varoma tray and cover with Varoma lid.

6. Steam 20 minutes/Varoma Temperature/Speed 3.

Chef’s Tips

Note: There is a recipe for home-made Tikka Paste in the new Fast and Easy Indian Cookbook


  1. avatar Jo Whitton Says:

    This recipe looks good – I love that tikka paste, it’s so yummy!

  2. avatar Denise Says:

    Ok – new to TMX – in fact will not be here until Saturday but am having fun looking for inspiration.

    When you say rinse rice – do you mean to pour this water off. Sorry for the dumb question and I am sure it will all fall into place when in posession of the TMX

  3. avatar Steph Says:

    No dumb questions :)

    Rinse rice is just water n the bottom of the tm bowl, rice in the rice basket and then turned on up to speed 5. All of the water gets pushed through the rice therefore rinsing it… you dont need to pour this water off you simply continue to cook it as the water is just acting as a steaming agent as the rice is steamed… not cooked through the absorption method.

    Hope you are enjoying your thermie xo

  4. avatar Angela Says:

    Do you put the beans in the same section as the salmon?? Top or bottom of varoma??

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