Choco-nut balls - Thermomix Recipes from Steph

Choco-nut balls

1 x 250g packet Milk Arrowroot biscuits

3 tbsp cocoa

1 x 395g tin condensed milk

1/2 cup chopped nuts (or chop them yourself in the TMX)

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

A few drops of rum essence (or 1.5 tbsp rum). This is optional.


1. Blitz the packet of biscuits to a fine powder, the finer the better. (10 seconds at speed 8 or 9 tends to do the trick).

2. Add the other ingredients and mix on Reverse, speed 3 until combined.

3. Take teaspoon sized lumps and roll them into balls and refrigerate until firm.

No cooking required. The finer the biscuit powder, the smoother the result.

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