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Chocolate hot cross buns, with choc chips

Recipe by Maddy from the Thermomix Forum


2 tsp dry yeast

600g bread flour

2 tsp. bread improver

1 tsp salt

2 tblsp. caster sugar

2 tblsp. dutch cocoa

380g milk

2 level tblsp. soft butter

1 1/2 cups chocolate chips

Bun milk glaze – 1 tablespoon warm milk, that has 1 teaspoon of sugar mixed in.

Warm milk in jug for 1min 40secs, 90c, speed 1.

Add all other ingredients (except choc bits), and mix 6 secs, speed 7

Set to interval knead setting for 2 minutes.

(You can then add the choc bits, then knead for another minute…..but I chose not to, as the rising was quicker with out them in.)

Place dough in bowl, and rise til doubled (took 45 mins)

Turn out onto mat, stretch to a rectangle shape, sprinkle with the choc bits, and knead it together.

Roll into two fat sausage shapes, and cut each one into 6 even pieces.

Place into a roll tin, lined with grease proof paper, and brush with warm milk/sugar glaze.

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