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Recipe by Maddy from the Thermomix Forum

250g milk chocolate

25g copha

70g hazlenuts

1/2 cup rice bubbles


2 x ice-cube trays


Place hazlenuts in and chop 10 secs/speed 6. Set aside.

Place chocolate and copha in and grate 10 secs/speed 8. Scrape down and set for 2 mins/50c/speed 3.. Scrape down jug, and reset for 1 min/50c/speed 3..

Add chopped nuts, and rice bubbles and mix for 20 secs/speed 1.. Scrape down, and set again for 10 secs/speed 1.

Transfer this mixture to another bowl, and cover the blades with hot soapy water, and give a quick turbo clean

Place 1 teaspoon of chocolate mix in each ice-cube tray. Then spoon a 1/4 teaspoon of nutella in centres, and push a hazlenut on top of the nutella.

Spoon some more chocolate mixture over the top.

Freeze for 30-40 minutes. Tap out gently on bench, then keep stored in the fridge.

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