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Gelato – Chocolate

 Recipe by Janine Babauskis


• 60g sugar

• 200g 70% dark chocolate

• 500g whole milk

• 15g of quality cocoa

• 35g cornflour

• Pinch of salt

• 250g cream

• Milk – additional 40 – 60 mls


Add sugar and chocolate to the TM Bowl, speed 9 for 6 seconds.

Add, milk, cocoa, cornflour and salt and cook, 7 minutes, 90°C, speed 4.

Add cream through the lid, speed 4.

Put TM Bowl in fridge for mixture to cool (1hour) then mix again for 6 seconds, speed 4.

Pour into a shallow container to be sealed and place in freezer.

If reconstituting 12 hours later, add to TM Bowl and blend, speed 5 until creamy texture (10 seconds). Serve immediately.

If reconstituting when frozen hard, cut into pieces approximately the size of a plum, add to the TM bowl, process on speed 6 for 6 seconds, then speed 4 while slowly adding milk until mixture resembles gelato.

Serve immediately


For a truly decadent chocolate gelato, when reconstituting, replace the milk with 2 to 3 Tblsp TM Chocolate and Hazelnut spread and only add milk if necessary until mixture resembles gelato


You can replace the cream with milk

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