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New Hollandaise

Recipe by Tenina Holder from the October 2008 - Thermorecipes Blog


4 egg yolks

130g unsalted butter

juice 1/2 lemon

salt and pepper to taste


Place all ingredients into TM bowl and insert Butterfly attachment.

Cook at 90 degrees for 8 minutes on speed 3.

General Tips

Hollandaise is still an art, even in the very easy to use method we have here, so bear in mind that the time may vary slightly depending on the freshness of your yolks and the coldness of your butter. If you like a mousse consistency then you may add a minute or so to the cooking time if necessary.

The best test for fresh asparagus is the ’snap’ test. The stalks should snap fairly close to the bottom of the asparagus if fresh.

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