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Wasabi Lime Mayonnaise

Recipe contributed by Andrew Fielke


1 Egg

2 tsp Wasabi Paste

Juice 1 ½ Limes (or Lemon)

250 ml Grapeseed Oil

Salt to taste


Place all ingredients except oil into TM bowl and combine for 15 seconds on

speed 4. Scrape down edges using spatula.

Attach Butterfly. With blades rotating on speed 4, add the oil slowly over the lid to emulsify. Season with salt (at least ½ tsp) to your taste.

Great to serve with raw fish i.e. salmon tartar or sushi.

General Tips

Try adding a tsp of sugar, it adds a nice balance to the acid of the limes.

Add more Wasabi if you like it really spicy!


  1. avatar Di B Says:

    This recipe urgently needs a slight correction.
    Step 1 should be: ‘place all ingredients’… EXCEPT oil.

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    Hi Di,

    Thanks for drawing attention to this, I have now corrected it!

    Steph xo

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