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Worcestershire Sauce

Recipe by Thermoconvert from the Forum thermomix website this is a good one and worthwhile!!


680g vinegar (white or brown)

180g treacle (molasses also works fine)

130g plum jam (I use the recipe from Everyday Cooking for this)

15g fresh garlic

10g fresh ginger

5-10g ground cloves (depending on taste required)

5-10g fresh chilli (depending on heat required)

3 teaspoons of black pepper

3 teaspoons of salt


Place all ingredients into TM bowl and process on speed 10 for 30 seconds. Cook for 10 minutes on Varoma on speed 2 (MC in half position). Scrape sides and cook for a further 40 minutes on 100c on speed 2 (MC in half position). Process for one minute on speed 8 (be careful of heat).

Pour into sterilized bottles and seal. Lasts for well over a year.

General Tips

You can dilute this further, up to ½ syrup ½ water to adjust taste.


  1. avatar Lesley Collins Says:

    My interest was piqued when Tick of Yum mentioned this. I’m liking this recipe already!

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    Yes this is a great recipe from the Forum thermomix website

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