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 Recipe by Regi


• 100grms of sesame seeds

• 40grms of water


Add sesame seeds to TM Bowl and mill, speed 10 for 10 seconds.

Scrape down sides. With blades on speed 4 add water to the lid, incorporating until the desired texture. (more or less water)

Home made Tahini look very different from the commercially bought Tahini: it is just about white.


  1. avatar Kathy Smith Says:

    I have made Tahini this way and found that if you keep it too long in the fridge ity will become mouldy. Yes it is white, BUT there is another way and that is to roast the seeds first, cool, then continue the same way, Tahini is light brown in colour but I believe does not go mouldy.

  2. avatar Steph Says:

    I didn’t know this about roasting them… I use mine so quickly that it has never been an issue as I generally only make a small batch.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful info though! Steph xo

  3. avatar Kathy Smith Says:

    200 grams sesame seeds
    dry roast 9 minutes on 100 degrees speed 1
    mill for 25 seconds speed 10
    add 20 grams sesame oil
    puree on speed 9 for 10 seconds

    This recipe supercedes what I said above, you do not have to cool the seeds after they are dry roasted.

  4. avatar Adele Says:

    Thank you for sharing these recipes. I was mortified to read on the label yesterday, that supermarket Tahini now contains transfat :(

  5. avatar Steph Says:

    Adele, I was also shocked!!!!

    I use the recipe Kathy has shared above now…. It is much nicer!!!

  6. avatar Peta Says:

    I just receive my Themo mixer and this was the first recipe I have used…. ITS SOOOOOO EASY!!!
    The best tasting hommus I have ever eaten with this recipe!

  7. avatar Cols Says:

    I used sunflower oil (as I didn’t have sesame and I find it a bit over powering) and I added a bit of water as it seemed a bit dry. Was very happy with the results. Many thanks for posting the recipe.

  8. avatar Cristina Says:

    Does the recipe from Kathy above keep well in the fridge for a while? Or could I freeze the unused amount?

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