Chocolate Granita - Thermomix Recipes from Steph

Chocolate Granita

From the UK Thermomix Website

Granitas are delicious and refreshing icy desserts. Using traditional methods, they take all day to make, but can be made instantly with your Thermomix. Makes about 1¼ litres.


250 g sugar

70 g organic cocoa, e.g. Green and Black

100 g milk

800 g ice cubes


1. Grind the sugar and cocoa 30 seconds/Speed 10.

2. Add the milk and mix 20 seconds/Speed 10.

3. Add the ice. Mix 1 minute at Speed 5, gradually turning up to Speed 10 for the last 10 seconds, using the TM spatula to stir through the hole in the TM lid until you have a creamy and cold consistency. Serve straight away.

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