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Divine Smoothie

Recipe by Brazen http://brazen20au.blogspot.com/2009/08/divine-smoothie.html


150g cashews

2 bananas cut into chunks and frozen

3-4 dates

1tbsp cocoa

ice to taste

rice milk to desired amount


Place everything except milk into TM bowl and blend for 30-40 seconds on speed 8. Add milk and blend a further 30 seconds on speed 8.

Karen’s naughty note is that this is far too yummy for breakfast and should be frozen into ice cube trays, then re blended until you have a stunning creamy soft serve ice cream. Let me tell you it didn’t get that far in the test kitchen…so you will have to take Karen’s word for it!


  1. avatar Debbie Lewis Says:

    OMG this is amazing, I don’t think there will be any left for freezing into ice cubes!!

  2. avatar Jess Says:

    I cannot wait to try this today!!! Wonder if it would taste good as a green smoothie i.e. with some spinach in it too?

  3. avatar Jess Says:

    Tried and OMG I love it, such a great pregnancy treat yum!

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