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Honey Lemon Drink

Recipe by Joelene Jenkins VIC Consultant converted from Better Homes and Gardens

Combine the following ingredients into TM bowl:

500-600 mls boiling water,

1 lemon sliced (or 2-3 small lemons),

12 slices fresh ginger,

4 tablespoons honey

5-6 cardomon pods

Set Timer for 20 minutes and cook at 100C on Reverse .

Strain using baset, and pour into cup.

Sip rugged up on the couch with a cosy blanket.

For me, I dilute the drink 50/50 with some hot water. You can also add a dash of whisky or brandy if you do so desire. This drink does seem to be quiet revitilising and you can feel it doing wonders for you!

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