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Orange Squash Cordial

Recipe by CarolineW from the Thermomix Forum

3 medium sized juicy oranges, well scrubbed

1 lemon, unwaxed, well scrubbed


250g sugar

1 tsp citric acid


1. Remove peel from each end of the fruit

2. Cut oranges into 4, and lemon into 2, and put into TM bowl.

3. Add water up to the 1 litre mark. Cover MC lid with a cloth and press Turbo button 3 times for 1 second each, until fruit is roughly chopped. Strain through the internal steamer basket into a jug. (NB keep the chopped fruit leftovers to make Fruit Spread – see recipe under jams and chutneys)

4. Rinse TM bowl and pour back in the strained juice. Add the sugar and heat 5 minutes / 90oC / speed 2

5. Add the citric acid and mix 5 seconds / speed 4

6. Bottle in sterilized bottles, label and store in the fridge. Dilute to serve.

This recipe is taken from the UK book “Fast and Easy Cooking”. I also make it with lemons

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