Sangria - Thermomix Recipes from Steph


Recipe by Bron from the Thermomix Forum


3 peeled & stoned peaches

1 peeled orange, keep peel for decoration

1 peeled lemon, keep peel for decoration

150g sugar

600g red wine

330g white lemonade

10 ice cubes

30-50g vermouth

30-50g brandy

30-50g gin

half teaspoon cinnamon

orange and lemon peel to decorate

First chop peaches 3 seconds, speed 4. Place in nice big jug with orange and lemon peel.

Place orange, lemon and sugar in TM bowl, Program 1 minute, speed 5-10

Add rest of ingredients and program 1 minute, speed 1 and 1/2. Pour into jug and serve with more ice if needed

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