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Pasta Carbonara

Recipe by Bron


150g tagliatelle (not tested for any other pasta)

450g warm water

200g thick cream

1 small tub of bacon bits

1 spoon orégano

1 spoon garlic powder (optional)

1 spoon salt

1 beaten egg

Grated cheese

To Prepare:

Grate cheese speed 5 to 10, keep aside.

Place all the ingredients in Thx except the egg and program 15 mins, temp. 100º, Spoon soft, reverse speed. (If you like your pasta soft, cook extra 2 mins.)

2 mins before the end, pour egg through the hole. Pour into serving dish, turn it upside down and turn the black screw part of the bottom of the blades, back and forth and all the pasta will fall out easily. Sprinkle cheese over the top.

Please note, these times and amounts are exactly for tagliatelle (dried pasta) and not macarrones or any other pasta. Although it may appear too much water for the amount of pasta, the end result is perfect, by the time you pour it in to the serving dish and sprinkle with cheese and serve on the table, it will be perfect.


  1. avatar Timbo Says:

    Brilliant and super easy. The kids absolutly love it!

  2. avatar Abbi Says:

    I changed the bacon bits to shredded ham, and the garlic powder to 2 cloves of fresh chopped garlic. Delicious!

    My family love this meal. It is easy and quick to make up. Great recipe, thanks for sharing

  3. avatar Steph Says:

    I love Bron’s recipe. It’s very versatile and tasty. Thanks for visiting!

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