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RICE Absorption Method

Recipe contributed to the Thermomix Forum by achookwoman also known as Chookie’s Rice

250g of rice weighed into bowl

Pour 480g(weighed into bowl) of BOILING water over rice.

Cook 4-5 mins,on Varoma temp., reverse speed 1, that is until water boils.

Turn off and cover top with a tea towel. Leave for 25 mins.

Fluff with fork

I haven’t experimented with quantities, but I think you could probably double the amount of rice and water.

It would also be suitable for Indian recipes where you cook onion, garlic and ginger in oil, you could then add the rice and continue with the recipe.

I think it also would be possible to tip the rice, once it has boiled, into the serving dish (heated with boiling water). This would then free up the bowl for other uses.

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