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Lemongrass Cooler


660grams sugar made into icing sugar set aside

3 x Lemongrass stalks cut into 5cm lengths

1 x Lime peeled and zested

750ml Water

80 ml Lime juice approx 2 medium Limes


Mill sugar into Icing sugar, mill it in 2 x 330gram batches then set aside.

Place Lemongrass and lime rind in TM bowl and chop speed 10 for 20secs

Place water, Lime juice and Sugar in TM bowl cook on speed 2 for 10 minutes,

Varoma Temp

Strain through Muslin cloth once cooled slightly.

Makes about I litre

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  1. avatar Tenina Says:

    YUM, just doing a few drinks at the moment, this sounds wonderful!

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